PLC B&R X20CP3585


Nhà sản xuất:

Thông số kỹ thuật:
  • Intel Atom 1.0 GHz processor with an additional I/O processor
  • Onboard Ethernet, POWERLINK with poll response chaining and USB
  • 3 slots for modular interface expansion
  • CompactFlash as removable application memory
  • 256 MB DDR2-SDRAM
  • Controller redundancy possible
  • Fanless
The X20CP3585 controller is based on an Atom processor clocked at 1 GHz and equipped with 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM.

USB, Ethernet, POWERLINK and removable CompactFlash are all included as standard features. A Gigabit Ethernet interface is a standard feature. For even more real-time network performance, the onboard POWERLINK interface supports poll response chaining mode (PRC).

The controller is equipped with 3 slots available for X20 communication modules. Various bus and network systems can easily be integrated into the X20 system through the use of communication modules.